I never want to go back to the mundane life

From the first day I walked into VCC in June I felt I had finally found my home. I needed a place to learn, heal, serve, and finally be accepted into a family who wanted to bring Heaven to Earth as the Lord gave me the desire so many years ago. I never imagined there could be a place like Bethel in Redding until I came here. This is my Bethel, the house of the Lord. He so graciously placed me here and I've already seen so many things change in me especially my shyness which was actually doubt in myself. Now I know more of what He is in me and I can't help but allow Him to flow out of me with no apologies or fear. I'm in year 1 of VSSM after completing year 1 in Alvin. When Pastor Sally said we would focus on intimacy with Daddy I knew I needed year 1 again. Oh how this past few months have blessed me and changed me! The Lord has spoken to me through numbers for over 15 years and hearing Pastor Tony's first sermon online the week before I attended was a confirmation I should come. I now have a place to share my gift with other who understand that God speaks to His children and I no longer have to be silent. Firestarters has been such a phenomenal blessing! Since my unbelieving husband has been away for work for 6 weeks I've had nothing to stop me from the freedom of attending Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday as well as the YWAM event. God had revealed His gifts in me and I never want to go back to the mundane life I had. I pray my husband will one day fall in love with the Lord as I have. Thank you for obeying God to create such a true church to equip the saints to go out and be Jesus' true disciples to bring Heaven to Earth and His will to be done! I pray the Lord's abundance over VCC and every family member who serves with such love, mercy, and grace  with every spiritual blessing and earthly provision! I love my new home  and family and thank Jesus for giving me my home! I am abundantly blessed by you all! - MK

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