Hardship to Prosperity

Since I’ve moved to Houston almost 4 years ago it’s been trial after trial, hardship after hardship where I was living from paycheck to paycheck. I wasn’t able to buy my kids gifts during holidays. From losing majority of my things in hurricane harvey. I continued to stand on proverbs 3:9-10 giving what I have celebrating those who were being blessed. Believing God for my blessing. During VSSM 1 and 2nd year God brought me through a process of being patient in the pruning. I was looked pasted at work promotion after promotion. Taking on more responsibility with the promise of a raise that didn’t come for over a year. In prayer on March 8 in the morning I was talking to the Lord telling him how I was feeling used and not valued. That day I was bought into the office by my manager and assistant vp of my department and offered me a $17,000 a year pay increase. When I thought a $2 or $3 raise would be good. God blew my expectations of what I even imagined. Thank you Jesus.

Sharena Black

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