Rev. 12:11 - We have been standing in faith for two years that neuropathy symptoms, caused by chemotherapy, would be eradicated, I would be pain-free, and able to walk normally. I had been taking 1200 mg of gabapentin each day to be able to function, which had some unpleasant side effects. This year, the oncologist said it was a permanent injury. We did not accept that report, but have kept the faith to see the day of deliverance, according to His Word, both written and spoken to me.

Since the 15th (10 days ago), I have taken no gabapentin and I am practically symptom-free, still believing for freedom from all symptoms. All of the glory belongs to our God by the stripes of Jesus (Is. 53:5, my go-to scripture). I am humbled and thankful for His loving kindness and faithfulness.

Thank you, everyone who has prayed with us and stood with us in faith for this miracle! We love you all so much.

Sandy Allen

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