Fees Waived and Abundant Check

I tried starting my own business and obtained a Texas Sales Permit. You are required to submit quarterly reports of any purchases or sales and I have not been able to do it. The state decided to estimate my taxes due at $1,000, plus I had a penalty amount of $150.00. Unfortunately I've decided to shut down the business. I called the Comptrollers office today to see if they would waive the penalty and amount due. They waived all of it!

Also, I had worked at my prior job for close to 12 years and had a 401k plan where my boss contributed. The Lord blessed me with a new job in February and I decided to cash in my 401k to pay for the down payment and closing costs for a new house. The check was more than I had anticipated after taxes at over $13,000.

Also would like to report my credit score increased to a favorable amount over the last two months!

Thank you Jesus!

- Serina Lane

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