New Job Positions & Favor

About 2 months my husband after 7 years at a job position, that was not going well for many years and we had been praying for many years; God opened a door and moved him, from a small privately owned company with no benefits we couldn’t afford and no vacation or paid time off, to a corporate Nation wide company with full inexpensive benefits, paod vacation days, paid time off, 401k, a company cell phone, meals provided on site and an 8000 increase in his salary. Praise God!

Also, shortly before that after I had been unemployed for 4 months the Lord opened a door for me granting the desires of my heart of being able to work from home mostly and the office only 15 minutes from my house with an Amazing understanding boss that gives me flexibility to pick up my kids when I need to and their school is only 15 minutes from my job! I have part time work with full time pay with full benefits and also an increase in my hourly pay!

Again Praise God he is Faithful and so Worthy to be Praised!!!
Thank you Jesus!!!

-Cecilia Campos

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