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Changes to the Crossover ministry are in the works! Monthly services are no longer happening, but other events are coming TBD! Stay tuned!

Crossover is a young adult ministry focused on breaking down the dividing lines of age, race, and culture to build community around the Gospel of Jesus Christ through fellowship and discipleship! Crossover emphasizes the message of unity to provide individual and corporate ministry and utilizes the A.C.T.S. model to equip young believers. Crossover is made up of believers from all walks of life between the ages of 18 and 40. This includes college students, young professionals, singles, and marriage couples!

Jarred Ashia Tircuite Jarred & Ashia Tircuite

Jarred Tircuit received the call to ministry in his late teens and quickly became involved in serving, both in and outside of church. Jarred served in youth ministry for eight years and oversaw it as ministry coordinator for two years before coming to Victory with his wife Ashia.

After renewing her childhood commitment to Christ during her first year of college, Ashia Tircuit set her heart towards discipling friends and reaching out to young women with the message of identity and worth in Christ through her organization, Beautifully Me. Ashia hosted summer programs at high schools and churches, teaching teen girls out of God’s word and empowering them with practical life skills.

Jarred and Ashia were led to Victory in the Fall of 2017 and became a part of the family shortly after. Together they facilitate the 30 Something Ministry and are passionate about uniting believers in Christ for fellowship, growth, and corporate impact.

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Hi! We are Christopher and Briana Niakian! We met here at Victory in 2014 and Christopher just couldn’t resist these big brown curls and I couldn’t resist those sweet brown eyes and sick dreads, so we were married! We’ve been married for three glorious years and are about to welcoming a sweet new addition in the summer! Christopher was born and raised in League City and currently operates his family’s business, a Dairy Queen in Baytown. I’m a Georgia peach and moved to Texas when I was thirteen and am currently serving on staff here at Victory as Pastors Armand & Wendy’s executive assistant. Our lives have been wildly enriched since coming to Victory…from finding one another, to being blessed with a wonderful tribe, the honor and opportunity to serve, and above all being filled and falling in love with Holy Spirit. Christopher loves listening to podcasts & music, longboarding, and playing video games. I love to shop, shop, and shop some more! Ultimately, we love laughs, making memories, and a good time. Our heart is to share these experiences and good times with one another and others!

Chris and BrianaNiakian Chris & Briana Niakian

Adrian & Stephanie Garza Adrian & Stephanie Garza

Adrian and Stephanie Garza have been married for two years and have a beautiful set of nine-month-old twins, Emma and Judah. Adrian and Stephanie both have active careers in management and spend their weekends with family and friends. They met at Victory 4 years ago and have served in multiple ministries at VCC throughout the years. Stephanie loves to work out, enjoys the outdoors, and going shopping. Adrian also loves to work out, start new home projects, and keeps Stephanie from shopping. They both believe that Proverbs 27:17 references the importance of community and how it impacts our spiritual walk with Jesus. You won't find a weekend where they aren't inviting friends over for dinner and fun. They love to serve and commit time to relationship building, both in home and the community.