10-9-15 God is going to light up Houston. We are going to see an abundance of evangelism in our church. We are going to have a surge in burdens for our community. 10-11-15 God is going to be busy in the days to come, sharpening the pastor’s swords. He is examining our swords to see if we have been putting to use or not. His sword is in his hand, and he is sharpening it. What used to be hard will now be effortless, because God is sharpening the swords of the pastors. The Lord told Bobby VCC is an emergency room. It’s like a trauma center! It a place to get healed, set apart, fixed up. These places are few, and far between. Some of you wouldn’t have lived if you hadn’t found this church. I said it before and I’m going to say it again- you didn’t build it big enough. But, you can still go to other services. Bobby then tells a story of pastor who, when he stated had 40 people, and now must have 7 services a week to seat 45,000 people. He has a staff of 1500. Despise not the day of small beginnings. So, you will just have to up the services for awhile. What a time! Here is how it is going to happen. You are going to be busy all week winning the lost, healing the sick, setting the captives free. You may have to stand around the walls some, but look at what you are going to bring in….hurting desperate people. You’ve got the answer. Do you understand that? Inside of us dwells he power of the Spirit of God, and he is going to show us all the purpose for which he gave us life. Now this is it, you say well how are we going to pay for all this? It may sound irresponsible, but tell the preachers and leaders to make your plans as if money is no problem. But that sounds irresponsible. But God said, If you make your plans ahead of time, as if money was no problem, when I bring in the money, you will already be a step ahead. There will be highrise apartments here, where staff will have to come and live. I bet your thinking, but can’t we get the parking lot finished first?? There will dormitories for people to live in, and there will be international students come. Some of you will have to open your homes to house them. Well, you say, but I want to be a missionary! You are! Can’t you see yourself with about 15 Mozambique people living with you? You will bring them in on Sundays! That’s a little bit about what is going to happen. Bobby Praying...then says, God is going to light up Texas. There is something in God’s heart for a massive move in this place. Position us so that we help it, and not hinder it, in Jesus name.

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