During this time of uncertainty, we understand that there may be those in our congregation who may be in need of special assistance. If you are an individual that is immunocompromised or you fall into the age category of 65+, and you do not have family nearby to assist you, please let us know! We would like to connect you with someone on a VCC Serve Team that would be available to run small errands on your behalf. Please complete the form below, or contact the church office at (281) 587-1110 and select option 2.

If you are seeking financial assistance, please call the church office at (281) 587-1110 and press option 0 to leave a message for our receptionist. A Benevolence Request form will be required before your request can be considered, and there is no guarantee that financial assistance will be approved by the benevolence committee. It could take up to 24-72 hours for a decision to be made and communicated to you.

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