Welcome to the 30 Somethings! This group is all about a building Christ centered relationships through events, outreaches, and fellowship. Our body will be strengthened as a whole as we allow "iron to sharpen iron" while we build these life-giving relationships with one another.

Jarred Ashia Tircuite Jarred & Ashia Tircuite

Jarred Tircuit received the call to ministry in his late teens and quickly became involved in serving, both in and outside of church. Jarred served in youth ministry for eight years and oversaw it as ministry coordinator for two years before coming to Victory with his wife Ashia.

After renewing her childhood commitment to Christ during her first year of college, Ashia Tircuit set her heart towards discipling friends and reaching out to young women with the message of identity and worth in Christ through her organization, Beautifully Me. Ashia hosted summer programs at high schools and churches, teaching teen girls out of God’s word and empowering them with practical life skills.

Jarred and Ashia were led to Victory in the Fall of 2017 and became a part of the family shortly after. Together they facilitate the 30 Something Ministry and are passionate about uniting believers in Christ for fellowship, growth, and corporate impact.

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